Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum

Supreme Eye Lash serum




Duration to effect


Skin compatibility




Easy to use





  • First results within 14-21 days
  • High productivity due to serum’s applicator
  • High skin tolerance
  • Excellent price-performance ratio


  • Unknown side effects

Every woman has the dream of impressive long and supple eyelashes. However, many women only dream about it because they don’t have them naturally. However, this dream can be finally achievable with use of the Supreme Eye Lash serum. The Supreme Eye Lash serum is not only able to prolong the natural lengthening of the lashes thanks to its active ingredients and care substances, but at the same time the lashes are supple and have a fantastic coloring.

For the Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum, Develle Premium Cosmetics manufacturer relies on a combination of two active ingredients. In addition to the active ingredient prostaglandin, the serum also contains X-lash. This unique combination of the two active ingredients ensures that the Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum is one of the most effective eyelash serum that have been available to purchase these days. With the included applicator, which also serves as a closure of the ampoule, the serum can be applied to the eyelid in a few easy steps. From there, the active ingredients are dispersed and penetrate into the roots of the eyelashes. The mode of action is quite clear. Thanks to the two active ingredients, hair growth begins to lengthen. The re-growing eyelashes can become stronger and longer. Over time, between 21 and 28 days, the first results of daily use are visible. The eyelashes become much longer due to the longer growth phase. Also, the individual lashes are given a beautiful black color. At the same time, they become very dense and allow a wonderful view. However, Develle Premium Cosmetics also relies on a sufficient number of care substances to provide the eyelashes with optimum care. Lashes lose their nutrients throughout the day. The eyelashes look beautiful and healthy all the times with the care substances of the Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum.

The Supreme Eye Lash  & Eyebrow Serum is not only useful for eyelashes but also can be used for eyebrows. This Serum is offered in shops and also at the website. Prices for this serum are between €69.95 and €139.00. If you have chosen the Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum and would like to use this product permanently, it is worthwhile to compare prices.

The Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum is manufactured by Develle Premium Cosmetics. This company was found on 2015 and mainly focused on  three eyelashes. The eyelashes captivate with their unique active ingredients, which are different in all three eyelashes. So every woman can really find an eyelash serum that suits her desires. The cosmetic market is no longer complete without eyelash serums.

Develle scores highly on skin compatibility alone, because all eyelashes from this company manufacturer are examined and controlled by dedicated testing institutes, dermatologists and even by respected ophthalmologists.

Supreme Eye Lash & Eyebrow Serum, Sensitive Eyelash and eyebrow serum and the Quick Eye Lash serum score points with innovative active ingredients, good skin compatibility, unique results and an excellent price-performance ratio.

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