Sensitive Eye Lash growth Serum & Eyebrow Serum

Sensitive Eye Lash Eyelash Serum

Sensitive Eye Lash Eyelash Serum



Duration to effect


Skin compatibility




Easy to use





  • after about 21 days of visible results
  • without harmful prostaglandins
  • high-yielding
  • good tolerance on the skin
  • impressive price-performance ratio


  • no known side effects

Beautiful eyelashes, which play around the eyes and give them more expression that is every woman’s dream. However, the problem is usually in the area of the eyelashes. Rarely do women have such beautiful eyelashes with which they are satisfied. Then the Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum from Develle can help. The Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum differs significantly from the previously known eyelash sera that are offered on the market. The Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum does not contain any prostaglandins. In many cases, prostaglandins can cause side effects. However, this can only include skin intolerances. The Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum from Develle completely dispenses with prostaglandin and prefers the active ingredient X-Lashes. X-Lashes is unfortunately used in very few eyelashes, and that is what Develle uses. Thanks to the X-Lash active ingredient, Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum can act directly on the roots of the lashes, stimulate them and help them to grow better and faster. For the eyelashes to leave a beautiful expression, patience is required. Despite regular application, the effect can only be seen after 21 days in some cases. This is simply because the active ingredient has to be inserted first. In addition to the eyelash extension, the Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum from Develle is also used for care. Develle uses a variety of care ingredients to make sure that the lashes are not only long and dense, but also shiny and supple at the same time.

The Sensitive Eye Lash Serum & Eyebrow Serum from Develle is offered for different price ranges. The lash serum always contains 7ml. Prices can vary between 59,95 € and 129,00 €. However, it is worth taking a look at the different shops. Some of the shops offer special offer phases in which Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Augenbrauenserum is offered at a reasonable price. However, the monthly price for Develle’s eyelash serum is significantly lower than for other similar eyelash sera.

The Sensitive Eye Lash serum can not only provide powerful eyelashes but can also be used in the eyebrow area. For this purpose, the serum must be applied daily to the areas to be treated so that the active substance X-Lash can absorb and reveal its effect. In the meantime Sensitive Eye Lash serum & Eyebrow Serum is not the only eyelash serum from Develle. Develle offers three different eyelashes to suit the needs of women.

It was not until the beginning of 2015 that Develle Premium Cosmetics was founded and has recorded an immense increase since then. Cosmetics products from Develle score points with innovation and revolution. The highly effective ingredients provide wonderful underlining of the eye. All products offered by Develle Premium Cosmetics for the eye area are unique. When applied regularly, the active ingredients penetrate deeply into the roots of the eyelashes and show their effects. In doing so, Develle only relies on first-class and skin-friendly materials. The eye area, in particular, is very sensitive and even small intolerances can have devastating effects on the skin, from redness and itching to burning are possible. The ingredients of the Develle eyelash sera are optimally tolerated and do not trigger any reactions of the skin. It is not only the committed institutes but also dermatologists and ophthalmologists who pay attention to this.

The cosmetics manufacturer Develle Premium Cosmetics has ushered in a new era of beauty with its three eyelashes, which are also suitable for eyebrows. With the three eyelashes, the eyes can get a completely new kind of radiance, and every woman can benefit from it, no matter if she is wearing contact lenses, glasses or allergy sufferers.

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