SA3 Magic Lashes – Eyelash growth Serum

SA3 Magic Lashes

SA3 Magic Lashes



Duration to effect


Skin compatibility




Easy to use





  • very inexpensive in purchasing
  • cheaper than many other eyelashes
  • rare side effects
  • minimum result after 14 days
  • maximum result after 6 weeks


  • In rare cases irritations of the skin parts occurred.

The natural ingredients and the low price of SA3 Magic Lashes achieve outstanding results.

The SA3 Lashes eyelash serum scores well in several respects because it is not only its efficacy that can be seen but also its natural ingredients and very favorable price have convinced all women so far. The satisfaction was already clear after a few weeks when the first results could be recognized. Also, the SA3 Magic Lashes eyelash serum can be used without mascara or other types of ink. They only ensure that the hairs break off and grow extremely thinly. Thus, a thick and long open eyesight is only a dream. The SA3 Magic Lashes eyelash serum is a natural way to conjure up an eyelash that kills everyone. The special natural ingredients are responsible for this.

The combination of natural ingredients

The special natural ingredients are only used to produce SA3 Magic Lashes Eyelash Serum. The effectiveness of the individual ingredients is carefully tested to ensure that no harmful side effects can occur.

The main active ingredient in the SA3 is panthenol. Panthenol is also commonly known as vitamin B5. Vitamin B5 gives the hairs much moisture. The daily stress of everyday life, cosmetics, and UV rays cause the hairs to lose moisture. Vitamin B5 replenishes the moisture reserves. The hydrolyzed glycosaminoglycans are responsible for additional vitality. Moisture and softness are brought to the hairs by Prodew300. The active ingredient biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is responsible for a good portion of strengthening. Biotin also prevents hair loss. This results in much longer growth phases. Hyaluronic acid is the last natural ingredient in SA3 Magic Lashes serum. It ensures a healthy and supple appearance of the hairs.

The price performance of the SA3 Magic Lashes Eyelash Serum

Compared to many other eyelash sera, the purchase price of around 35.00 € to 45.00 € for the SA3 Magic Lashes eyelash serum is very reasonable. With a content of 4ml, the woman can get by for at least six months, at most around 8 months. With an exact conversion, monthly costs of less than 5.00 € are incurred. For this price, the SA3 Magic Lashes eyelash serum offers an excellent result.

Pros and cons of the SA3 Magic Lashes Eyelash Serum

very inexpensive in purchasing

Less expensive than many other eyelashes

rarely occurring side effects

the minimum result after 14 days

the maximum result after 6 weeks



In rare cases, irritations of the skin parts occurred.

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