RevitaLash – Advanced Review

RevitaLash – Advanced




Duration to effect


Skin compatibility




Easy to use





  • The serum is cheaper than extensions or eyelash transplants.
  • Minimum expenditure of time
  • There are no restrictions in everyday life
  • Eyelashes are not affected by artificial ingredients
  • Simple application
  • Natural and beautiful appearance through your own eyelashes


  • none

The Eyelash growth Serum RevitaLash – Advanced was deservedly awarded 2nd place in the lash serum test. In the test, many factors were taken into account to find the best eyelash serum. Factors such as customer satisfaction, the quality of the product, the ingredients and, of course, the price-performance ratio. To complete the test, the tolerability and application had to be carefully examined. In the RevitaLash – Advanced Eyelash Serum, customer satisfaction, and compatibility scored particularly highly. From a price point of view, RevitaLash – Advanced Wimpernserum is in the upper segment with around 100 Euro and has, therefore, landed in second place.

Application  RevitaLash – Advanced 

RevitaLash – Advanced Eyelash Serum can be used immediately after purchase. Basically, eyelash serum works like a cure. The duration of the course is between six and eight weeks. After the course the results of the application are fully developed and offer the result. Before the RevitaLash – Advanced Eyelash Serum can be applied, the eye must be cleaned. Make-up residues must be removed completely, preferably with a cleaning water. The eye must be completely dry. The eyelash serum is applied to the eyelid with a brush. To do this, it is sufficient to apply a line directly on the eyelid, at the lash line. A little practice is necessary. After a few attempts, the application is much better. Apply on the upper and lower eyelids. After a short impact phase, the serum can be washed off. The eyelash serum must be applied every day to get the full result. The RevitaLash – Advanced Eyelash Serum can still be used after the course. However, the time is limited to three times a week. As a result, the eyelashes continue to be supplied with vitamins, nutrients, and moisture.

Effect RevitaLash – Advanced

There are no artificial active ingredients in the RevitaLash – Advanced Eyelash Serum, so your own eyelashes will not be damaged. The active ingredients ensure optimum growth, longer downtimes, and dense eyelash growth. Also, the eyelashes are strengthened from the root and can grow more beautifully and vigorously. There are no restrictions in everyday life, because the sauna or swimming pool is no problem.



The processed ingredients consist of natural basic products such as vitamins and nutrients. This naturalness significantly improves the effect of eyelash serum.

  • Biotion
  • Ginseng-root extract
  • Glycerin
  • hyaluronic acid
  • Panthenol
  • Protein


Second place in the big lash serum test is rightly occupied by RevitaLash – Advanced Wimpernserum. Simple and fast application and optimal customer satisfaction have convinced the eyelash serum. The only drawback is really the price. However, eyelash serum is still cheaper than transplants and the results are clearly much more natural and beautiful.

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