Beautylines Eyelash growth serum





Duration to effect


Skin compatibility




Easy to use





  • 45% eyelash extension possible
  • good skin tolerance


  • no known side effects
  • Optimum yield, stable for up to one year

Prodew500 and panthenol provide the effect of Beautyline’s eyelash serum

Many women who have been naturally treated with thin and short lashes would like to see lasting success in the field of eyelashes. In the meantime, many manufacturers now offer eyelashes which they are convinced of. Beautylines eyelash serum with its special composition of active ingredients is ideal for lasting success.

For lasting success, in the case of dreamlike eyelashes, the main active ingredient used in the Beautylines serum is panthenol. Panthenol is also commonly known as vitamin B5 or as the beauty vitamin. Applying it stimulates hair growth in a special way and also stimulates pigmentation. In this way, the lashes become longer from the root and thus also denser. Also, Prodew500 is located in the Beautylines eyelash serum. The so-called Wildlash contains many important amino acids, which not only build up but also protect the hair. The eyelashes get an additional dose of moisture, and the surface is optimally sealed. Aloe Barbadensis is contained in many beauty products and is a true miracle cure. The ancient Egyptians were already convinced of the power of aloe. This conviction has been maintained to this day, because in addition to trace elements, minerals, and beta-carotene, also vitamin A, B, C, and E are contained in Beautyline’s eyelash serum.

The Beautylines Eyelash Serum can be bought for a purchase price of around 95,00 €. Included in the price is an applicator that ensures precise and economical application of the serum. The cost of 95.00 € is quite high, but with a precise conversion, it can be stated that the content of 6ml per bottle can last up to one year. Despite daily application. Thus, the monthly amount is less than 9,00 €.

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